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Geography of Environmental Risks and Human Security Master Program with DAAD Scholarship

Geography of Environmental Risks and Human Security Master Program is a collaborative endeavor between UNU-EHS and the University of Bonn’s Department of Geography, offering an internationally focused degree with a strong research foundation. Over two years, students are immersed in an interdisciplinary and trans-disciplinary educational approach. They gain expertise in investigating and managing resources associated with environmental hazards, applying science-based principles and methodologies to address disaster risks effectively.

🌎 Addressing Global Challenges

– Responds to increasing environmental events due to climate change, population growth, urbanization, and poverty.

– Equips postgraduate students with in-depth knowledge and critical understanding.

– Provides strategies and tools to tackle environmental risks and ensure human security.

🧠 Conceptual Framework

– Engages with contemporary theoretical and methodological debates.

– Explores the complex emergence of environmental risks and natural hazards.

– Studies implications for human-nature relations, vulnerability, resilience, and adaptation.

– Emphasizes practical solutions to address these challenges.

📈 Applications and Student Diversity

– Attracts a diverse pool of applicants worldwide.

– Spike in 2017 after introducing DAAD-funded EPOS scholarships.

– 2020 intake saw the highest application rate (378 applications).

– 85% of applicants from the Global South in 2019 and 2020.

– Proudly maintains a strong presence of young female researchers (58%).

– Strives for balanced participation from developed and developing countries.

📚 Innovative Curriculum

– Offers diverse perspectives and scientific approaches.

– Bridges natural sciences (physical and human geography) with social sciences.

– Combines insights from researchers and practitioners.

– Enhances visibility through connections with international organizations, governmental agencies, research institutions, and private companies.

– Covers disaster risk reduction, humanitarian aid, international relations, and climate change research and policy.

🛠️ Internship Experience

– Integral part of the program with a minimum 8-week duration.

– Completed 117 internships by March 2020.

– 95 distinct placements since implementing the internship module.

– Notably, 45% of placements affiliated with the United Nations.

– Provides hands-on learning, practical insights, and real-world impact.

In a world where environmental risks loom large, the MSc in Geography of Environmental Risks and Human Security stands as a beacon of education and action. Join this dynamic program to equip yourself with the knowledge, skills, and strategies needed to navigate and mitigate the challenges facing our planet. Together, we can shape a more secure and sustainable future. 🌱🌎🚀(Visit Master’s Programme – Institute for Environment and Human Security ( for more details)

🎓DAAD Scholarships for Graduates

Are you a graduate from a developed or newly industrialized country, eager to make a positive impact on your homeland’s sustainable development? Look no further! The German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) is offering fully-funded scholarships to help you pursue postgraduate studies in Germany. With its development-oriented postgraduate study programs, the DAAD aims to empower local experts who can contribute to the advancement of their countries and foster global collaborations for a better future.

🌟 Who can apply?

If you hold a Bachelor’s degree (typically a four-year course) and have at least two years of professional experience, you are eligible to apply for the DAAD scholarship. The program is open to graduates from developed and newly industrialized countries worldwide. Check the list of eligible countries to see if you qualify for this exceptional opportunity.

💡 What can be funded?

The DAAD scholarship supports individual candidates who wish to pursue postgraduate or Master’s degrees at state or state-recognized German universities. In rare cases, exceptional candidates may even have the chance to pursue a doctoral degree. The scholarship covers monthly financial support, which is €934 for graduates. Additionally, it offers payments for health, accident, and personal liability insurance coverage, as well as a travel allowance if not covered by other sources.

Under special circumstances, scholarship holders may receive extra benefits, such as a monthly rent subsidy or an allowance for family members accompanying them during their studies.

⏳ Duration of funding

The duration of the scholarship ranges from 12 to 42 months, depending on the chosen study program.

💰 Value of the scholarship

The DAAD scholarship provides financial support that will help ease the financial burden of studying abroad. This funding will enable you to focus on your academic pursuits and research without worrying about expenses. Moreover, by promoting education and research, the DAAD aims to equip you with the knowledge and skills necessary to lead sustainable development initiatives in your home country.

📝 Selection criteria

To be considered for the scholarship, candidates should meet the necessary academic requirements and demonstrate the potential to successfully complete their Master’s in Geography of Environmental Risks and Human Security study program in Germany. Strong academic performance in previous studies and proficiency in the required language(s) are also essential.

Furthermore, applicants must showcase their dedication to development-related issues and their commitment to making a positive impact in their communities. The DAAD seeks individuals who are ready to take on social responsibilities and initiate meaningful processes of change both personally and professionally.

🌱 The path to a brighter future

By offering these scholarships, the DAAD aims to foster a network of well-trained specialists who will lead the charge for sustainable development in their countries. Investing in local talent and connecting them with international partners is crucial in ensuring a better future for all. These graduates will become the driving force in alleviating poverty, promoting education and healthcare, and creating lasting change in their communities.

🌐 Apply now and be the change!

The DAAD scholarships open doors to exciting opportunities for personal growth and impactful contributions to society. If you are passionate about sustainable development and making a difference, take this chance to apply for the scholarship. Remember, well-trained experts connected to global networks are the keys to a brighter, more prosperous world. Take the leap and embark on your journey towards a rewarding and fulfilling future with the DAAD scholarship!

Apply now and be part of the solution! Together, we can shape a better world for everyone. 🌍💫

Application deadline: 15.12.2023

For more information, visit:

📅 Don’t miss the opportunity of a lifetime. Act now! Good luck on your journey towards sustainable development and a brighter future! 🌟🎓🚀

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