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General Dashboard

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You can access Agaram.LK by registering and login in with username and password. Alternatively, you can directly log in using your Google, Facebook or Twitter account. To become an Enterprise Instructor, please send a request to [email protected] with email address and/or username after creating an account on our portal.

Else, you would be able to fill out the instructor registration form. Once the request is received, we will get a notification and thus will decide to Approve/Decline the request. We may require additional verification before activating your account.


Instructors and Students both get a dedicated dashboard to keep track of all the functionalities you get at Agaram.LK.

From here you can monitor all your stats of published or enrolled courses. It showcases all the courses that you have published for students to enroll in. Additionally, if you have enrolled in any courses as a student, those courses will also be displayed on this dashboard for easy access and management. This feature provides a one-stop-shop for instructors to manage their teaching and learning activities on the platform.

You also get a list of the most popular courses you published right from the dashboard.

My Profile

Display all of your details on your profile. You can fill out the space with a fantastic biography to tell people more about you.

Enrolled Courses

This shows a complete list of all the enrolled courses as a Student. You can also track course progress from here and check how many lessons you have completed in a course.


As a student you can add courses you like to your wishlist while you are browsing the courses. Just go to the dashboard and click Wishlist to view the courses you have saved. From here you can buy the courses that you already added to this wishlist, by selecting the “Add to cart” option.


This is a centralized platform that provides you with an overview of your performance and feedback from students, peers, and administrators. It allows you to track your progress, identify areas for improvement, and receive support in your professional development.

My Quiz Attempts

Have a complete track of your quiz attempts as a student  right in your dashboard. This shows the quiz marks obtained, total marks,  the number of questions and passing grade along with the quiz status. All of the data are shown in a tabulated manner to make everything easily accessible.

Order History

Purchase History shows all the purchases along with their status on the dashboard. You can see the date of the purchase and the status of the purchase right from here.

Question & Answer

This Q&A dashboard allows you to manage and answer questions from your students in real-time. You’ll see the Q&As your students post on your courses and you can mark any conversation as Important by clicking on the arrow icon located on the left-most column. 

You can also reply to any question by clicking on the Reply button. Doing so will take you to the Question Thread where you’ll be able to see the entire conversation and write a reply. The reply text editor allows you to format the text as well as add links and even insert images.

At the top of the question thread, you’ll find buttons to mark the Q&A as solved and/or important and even archive or delete it. Clicking on the Back button will take you back to the Q&A dashboard. 

Lastly, clicking on the vertical ellipsis icon that’s beside the Reply button will open the action menu from where you can Archive a question, Mark it as Unread, or Delete it.

You’ll see a toggle on the top right that lets you switch from your role as Instructor to Student and vice versa.


This calendar dashboard for assignment scheduling is a feature that allows you as a student to easily view and manage their upcoming assignments and deadlines.

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