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A Course Certificate is an official credential that confirms that a person successfully completed a course on Agaram.LK.

Getting Started

Agaram.LK’s certificate builder comes with pre-made certificate templates that are easy to customize and specially made with non-designers in mind. To get started, go to the Agaram.LK dashboard, navigate to Certificate and click on Create Certificate.


All the available templates are both in landscape and portrait orientation so you can choose the one that you are comfortable with.

Once you go through the template creation process, you will be welcomed by a section prompting you to choose from an existing pre-built certificate template or start from scratch. You can also choose from categories ranging from the below list followed by the image. Select a category or the relevant categories and the templates of similar niches will show up. Hover over your preferred template and click on Use This Template. This will take you to the editor interface.

And the best part of the pre-built templates is that they are all fully customizable. Meaning they have been made with the same elements, and shapes that you can use to build your certificate from scratch.


Agaram.LK Certificate builder comes with a wide range of Elements pre-built that are designed to give your certificate the basic requirements that it needs. From text elements to add texts to your certificates, to adding course & student-related information everything can be added through the Elements section.

Below is a list of Agaram.LK Certificate builder Elements that you can find once you are in the editor mode.

Text: A text element to writing down everything you want to write down. You will be able to change the font, weight, and more.

Course: Add a course element that will dynamically pull in the course name of the course that the certificate is for. No need to do anything manually.

Student Name: Just like the course element, add the student’s name dynamically to your certificate.

Instructor: Add your (instructor’s) name to your certificate without writing it manually every time.

Signature: Upload an image and add it as a signature.

Verification ID: Give an option for you to authenticate that their achieved certificate is authentic.

Point: Show the points received for the course in the certificate.

Grade: Display the course grade in the certificate.

QR: Add a QR code directly in the certificate that anybody can scan and be redirected to the certificate URL.

Time: Use this element to display the certificate generation time.

Duration: Display the course duration in the certificate.


There are two kinds of media files you can choose from. One that you upload using the media manager, meaning your own images that you have in a local source. Or use the Unsplash image selection feature.

To get started with using Unsplash images you don’t need to log in with any credentials. Just click on the Unsplash tab and you will find all the Unsplash images in a list. You can search for your desired image using relevant keywords.


In the library section, you will find illustrations, badges, frame designs, border designs, watermarks, and more that you can use to customize your Certificates to the fullest.

Shapes – (64+ shapes)
Illustration – (58+ illustrations)
Badge –  (38+ badges)
Frames – (7+ frames)
Watermarks – (5+ watermarks)

All the elements are fully customizable with color palette options, duplicate options, lock options, etc. All these options can be found inline editing.


In the Backdrops tab, you can customize colors with the preset color palettes, add backgrounds by choosing from various images, and patterns.

The background of the certificate is what will catch the attention of the viewer first. That’s why we made it easier to customize the backdrop of the certificate.

You will be able to choose from:
Colors: Choose from a wide range of colors for your certificate background and apply it directly to the certificate to see how it looks..
Pattern: Apply from a set of predefined patterns that you want to set for your certificate. 
Background: There are a number of backgrounds you can choose from. They have been designed to cater to a wide range of certificate types.

With the Agaram.LK Certificate builder adding backdrops is easier than ever now. You will be able to customize the colors of your certificate background, select specific patterns you want to add, or completely change the background from a premade background list.

With the Agaram.LK Certificate builder adding backdrops is easier than ever now. You will be able to customize the colors of your certificate background, select specific patterns you want to add, or completely change the background from a premade background list.


Professional design tools use layers to keep everything in check. We are also making layers options a core feature of Agaram.LK Certificate builder so you can customize everything at any stage. 

For example, if you would like to customize the element that is underneath another element, then you can easily select the layer that consists of the element and customize it accordingly.

You will be able to lock or unlock a specific layer to avoid accidental customization.

Add Certificate to a Course

When you are done designing a certificate that reflects your course brand and quality, you need to assign the certificate to the course. Once you have completed the certificate design, hit the Publish button located at the top of the screen.

To assign the published certificate template to a course, go to the course editor of the course to which you want to add the certificate. Scroll down to the Certificate Template section, and you’ll see all the available certificate templates.

Select the certificate that you have just published, and hit Publish Course.

Now, when a student successfully completes the course, the “Get Certificate”  button will appear on the course home page. Upon clicking on the button, the student will be able to see the certificate preview as below.

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